Westwood Neighborhood Council – 2019 Election


EVERY VOTE COUNTS! Your vote is needed!

The Westwood Neighborhood Council (WWNC) is the official group elected to advise the City Council on issues affecting the Westwood residential community, including our neighborhood of Westwood Hills. We have the opportunity to elect a fabulous, highly qualified, candidate, Westwood Hills neighbor TRACEY FITZGERALD, dedicated to representing the Westwood Hills neighborhood on the WWNC, along with an excellent slate of candidates for the other open seats — but we can’t do it without your help!

Tracey is endorsed by the Westwood Hills Property Owners Association Board of Directors as the best candidate to represent our neighborhood. She is part of the TEAM WESTWOOD SLATE of candidates for all open seats, which has also been endorsed by our board. Print out this SAMPLE BALLOT and take it with you to the polls!

WHERE TO VOTE: Belmont Village Senior Living, in the first-floor Meeting Room, 10475 Wilshire Blvd. (at Warner Ave. next door to the church).
PARKING: Free parking in Belmont’s underground garage and on the surrounding streets (where parking restrictions will be lifted for the duration of the election: Lindbrook from Westholme to Holmby; Warner from Wilshire to Le Conte; and Holmby from Wilshire to Lindbrook).
CURBSIDE VOTING: Available at Belmont Village for handicapped or elderly voters.
WHO CAN VOTE: Everyone 18+ who lives, owns, works or has an ongoing community interest in Westwood Hills can vote!


Tracey Fitzgerald

I have been lucky to live in Westwood Hills since I was 4 years old. I grew up here, attending Bellagio Elementary, Emerson Middle School and University High School. I raised two wonderful sons who still consider this community home. When the boys were young, I pursued my passion for community service in addition to working full time. I was President of the Warner Avenue P.T.A, served as Youth Director at St. Alban’s Church while working full time towards developing healthcare programs for underserved populations. I received an M.B.A from Pepperdine University, which has assisted both my personal and professional pursuits. I will stand up for the interests of homeowners in the community, and represent their voices first. I support maintaining R-1 (single-family) zoning in Westwood Hills, and am committed to consensus building, fostering community ideas and safety. My goal is making sure that the priorities and voices of this community are heard, and represented.


Ask for Westwood Hills AREA 3 BALLOT. Vote for the candidates named below. Click here to print out the SAMPLE BALLOT and bring it with you to the polls!

Seats 1, 2 & 4 – Voters from other neighborhoods only.
Seat 3 (Westwood Hills): TRACEY FITZGERALD
Seat 5 (Condo): SANDY BROWN
Seat 6 (Residential Owner): PAULA ROGERS
Seats 7 & 8 (Rental Residential – vote for both): DAVID LORANGO & CYRUS BARAGHOUS
Seats 9 & 10 (Business Group): MARCELLO ROBINSON
Seats 11 & 12 (Non-Profit/Faith-Based/Education – vote for both): ANN C. HAYMAN & LAURA WINIKOW
Seats 12 & 14 (At large – vote for both): LISA CHAPMAN & STEPHEN RESNICK
Seat 15 (Chamber of Commerce): ROOZBEH FARAHANIPOUR