Joining WHPOA

If you own  property in the Westwood Hills neighborhood, you are eligible to join the Westwood Hills Property Owners Association.  Our boundaries are the south side of Sunset Blvd.  on the north, the VA Cemetery on the south, Veteran Ave on the east and Sepulveda Blvd. on the west.   Joining is easy—click here.

Your membership helps to keep Westwood Hills is a wonderful area in which to live. In addition to its location close to so many of the Southland’s cultural and historical landmarks, as well as UCLA’s thriving campus, Westwood Hills is among the safest areas in the city, and the Westwood Hills Property Owners Association (WHPOA)  works diligently with LAPD and UCLA PD to keep it that way.

WHPOA also works with our LA County and LA City elected representatives, as well as UCLA, Westwood Village and Caltrans, to mitigate potential problems, especially those that we believe will drive more traffic through our neighborhood.  We also promote a Neighborhood Watch program—to help neighbors get to know each other and to keep our neighborhood safe.

To keep our neighborhood connected, WHPOA maintains a neighborhood Email Network, open only to members of the Association and their tenants, which links neighbor to neighbor and provides up-to-the-minute information about local issues, including police and traffic alerts, worker/handyman recommendations, lost pet notices, and more. The email network is fully moderated by volunteer moderators. 

WHPOA is staffed entirely by volunteers. Unlike other homeowner associations, we do not have annual dues. There is a one-time membership fee of $200 ($206 if you pay by credit card), which provides you with the privileges of membership for as long as you own property in the neighborhood. 

More than 83% of your neighbors in Westwood Hills are members of WHPOA.  Join them by becoming a member today—click here. Only with an active membership can we sustain the Association and have a positive effect on issues of importance to our community.  We look forward to welcoming you to the neighborhood!

 For more information, Contact Us.