Waterwise plants at UCLA

Soon after our WHPOA Board discussion of the DWP’s offer to compensate homeowners who replace turf with water-saving plants, I noticed that UCLA is re-landscaping the area near the Law School and Murphy Hall with lots of really terrific looking drought tolerant plants. These campus plants would also grow well in our gardens, so I asked for the plant list, which UCLA’s Office of Sustainability was happy to provide along with the information that the campus has pledged to replace 73,000 square feet of ornamental turf as part of its response to the Mayor’s call for a sustainable Los Angeles.

The plants currently being installed near the Law School include Lantana Montevidensis; Leymus “Canyon Prince”; Dietes Butcheriana; Dietes Grandiflora; Westringia “Blue Gem”; Lomandra “Katies Bells”; Callistemon “Lil Better”; Olea Europea “Little Ollie.” The campus has other interesting drought-tolerant plantings, including sedges and meadow grasses at Stein Plaza and meadow grasses opposite Parking Structure 2.

plant list-2