Our Neighborhood

Westwood Hills

Welcome to Westwood Hills, a vibrant neighborhood of 605 single-family homes located in Los Angeles immediately west of the UCLA campus. Developed in 1929, the neighborhood was originally called “Streets of Old Monterrey, ” and was part of a larger Janss Investment Corporation “Westwood Hills” development that also included UCLA, Westwood Village, Holmby-Westwood, and the Westwood neighborhoods south of Wilshire to Santa Monica Blvd. Over time, “Streets of Old Monterrey,” with its charming network of streets, came to be known as Westwood Hills. Westwood Hills today lies at the heart of a diverse urban community yet retains its historical character and architectural distinction. Among its lovely homes are examples of work by many outstanding California architects including Paul Williams, Rudolph Schindler, Allen Siple and Wallace Neff.

More than 83 percent of the homeowners in Westwood Hills are members of the Westwood Hills Property Owners Association (WHPOA).  Established in 1958, WHPOA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in  Westwood Hills.  Membership is voluntary, and there is only a one-time (not annual) fee to join.

WHPOA is staffed entirely by Westwood Hills neighbors who volunteer to serve on an elected Board of Directors and to monitor local issues including transportation and security. WHPOA volunteers represent the neighborhood in public forums and in meetings with elected officials, UCLA administrators, and Westwood community organizations.  As a service to the neighborhood, WHPOA maintains a private, fully moderated, email network to keep residents informed on a range of issues from lost pets and service referrals to security alerts. Membership in the Association and the email network is open to all Westwood Hills homeowners.